January 1, 2021

Live Royally in Canada


W SkinCare is proud to reveal the DERMA H Pro - an esthetic device for skin health maintenance in a self-care setting. Created by our skin-savvy friends in South Korea, the DERMA H Pro is portable, rechargeable and fits in the palm of your hand. We call it the 'ipod of skincare'.

Available now for the first time in Canada!

The DERMA H Pro contains 4 different modes of skin therapy designed to significantly enhance your daily beauty regimen: THERMOTHERAPY, ULTRASONIC, IONTOPHORESIS and FINISHING. Each mode is assigned a specific wavelength of RED, GREEN and BLUE LED to enhance product uptake and overall effect.

Q. Who is it for? A. The DERMA H Pro is for all ages, all skin types. Expecting and new moms too!

Q. What does it do? A. The DERMA H Pro combines 3 different skin therapies with 3 different wavelengths of LED for 6 skin treatments in one device.

Q. How does it work? A. The DERMA H Pro provides 4 modes of treatment in cycles of 5 min each. These modes can be used separately or together (20 min treatment) or in any combination thereof.

Q. How do I get one? A. The DERMA H Pro is available exclusively via W SkinCare via our online shop.