June 25, 2019

Next Level Treatments at W SkinCare


Something happens to your face when you turn 40. In January, I posed with my giant 4-0 balloons and felt quite jaunty about it, but when I looked in the bathroom mirror the next morning, I suddenly felt as if my entire face had fallen half an inch, like Salvador Dali’s melting clock. Granted, recovery from a Prosecco hangover is not what it used to be, and my baby, who turned one a few days after my 40th, had seen to it that eight hours of unbroken beauty sleep was but a distant memory. Still, my face seemed to be broadcasting the announcement that I had moved into the decade that has symbolized middle age for as long as I can remember. Was it all in my head? “Forty is exactly the time in our lives when most of us realize that our skin needs assistance,” says Lorinda Zimmerman, skin expert to much of Canada’s on-camera community, including one pre-wedding Meghan Markle — Zimmerman treated many of her guests in the lead-up to the royal wedding. “It’s not psychological. It’s very real.” She explains that as early as our 20s, there’s a decline in skin’s volume and elasticity (that firm, bouncy feeling embodied by my son’s pillowy cheeks). We start to produce less and less collagen and elastin and retain less moisture, plus the quality of the skin cells and surrounding tissue degrades over time. Aging is, of course, a natural process that one wishes to accept and make peace with. However, one can still try one’s damnedest to remain glowy and firm. To that end, I pay Zimmerman a visit at W Skincare in Toronto. She’s a pioneer in Canada of cold laser, a.k.a. low-level laser, which uses light energy to painlessly stimulate the skin’s regenerating process. She recently added a new tool to her belt — a low-level laser from Germany designed to treat larger areas, such as lined foreheads and slackened jawlines (available as a $50 add-on to treatments, which start at $200).