January 15, 2015

W SkinCare Tricks for Canadian Climate


Dry, Frigid Prairies Challenge Prairie air holds very little moisture, so even hearty complexions can become sensitive and red, says W SkinCare founder Lorinda Zimmerman (Hollywood A-listers fly in to her Vancouver and Toronto clinics just for her cold laser treatments). “I see clients from Calgary and Edmonton, and they have the highest rates of rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.” Intervention Zimmerman swears by low-level laser therapy ($150–$300), which dials up cellular renewal and collagen production. The no-pain procedure makes for a firm, dewy face and can also help heal skin affected by rosacea and eczema. It’s often paired with a half-hour of microdermabrasion, but Zimmerman suggests Prairie dwellers steer clear of that add-on come winter. “It’s just too much for sensitive skin to handle.” Prevention Zimmerman favours serum-moisturizer duos for winter, like the rich and firming Bio Jouvance Caviar Age Defying Serum ($84) and Cream ($90).