Our Story
Our Story

W SkinCare Anti-Aging and Skin Health Management Clinics celebrate professional skin care treatments conducted in a chic, clinical atmosphere.

Through the pioneering combination of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) a.k.a Cold Laser with Microdermabrasion, W SkinCare’s highly trained technicians are able to dramatically reverse the visible signs of aging and accumulated environmental damage from life’s daily routine.

The skin on your face is part of a living, breathing system.
Its many layers are uniquely designed to regulate and protect you.
Knowing this…

Why are we encouraged to strip away those protective layers?
Or risk permanent damage from an invasive facial procedure?

Quietly guarded as Canada's best kept beauty secret by some of Hollywood's A–list, W SkinCare’s founder, Lorinda Zimmerman, has spent the last 17 years cultivating her reputation as a consummate skin care professional by doing what she does best: making her clients' skin look and feel exceptional.

Through her pioneering combination of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) a.k.a Cold Laser and Microdermabrasion, Lorinda has effectively unlocked the secret of our skin's natural restorative elements – elements that can be coaxed into dramatically reversing the effects of environmental damage and visible signs of aging.

In today's world of Hi‑Definition television and film, actors, TV personalities and just about anyone who makes a living in front of an HD camera, all recognize that the makeup artist can no longer cover up skin imperfections.

Careers in the industry are truly evolving with the HD camera's necessity for an HD‑ready visage.

A new push is on in Hollywood for actors who have the ‘W’ look – radiant, healthy and dewy-natural looking faces.

One of my actors was literally changing before my eyes
- His face, I mean -
Appeared younger and younger through the lens. And this continued for Weeks! Eventually I sent all my leads to see Lorinda.
- Anonymous

Capture the tight, HD camera ready ‘W LOOK’ that everyone is talking about.

Book a Hollywood 6 Series of treatments at W SkinCare's Boutique Clinic location.